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SARIA, Just like any other mBn original designs are blank canvases left to the your Interpretation. Style and wear it however by playing around with it's placements and straps.

This dress has the ability. to look so different with every wear as each feature can be adjusted looser or tighter.


Go wild babe !, Go sexy with saria !. 


Made from Jasmine Silk Satin with 40% stretch


Adjustable neckline and waistline


Saria Dress

colour: black
  • NATIONWIDE : 5 - 7 Working days 

    INTERNATIONAL : 18 - 24  Working Days

  • Slip Saria on from the top or bottom till it fits firm on your hips then tie the straps across your head , Either make it Cross or Straight , both provide Different Fit and Folds (Try both and pick which works best for you )

    Then, Pass it through the "Waistline" loops the Pull to make a firm enough knot to get your waist all Snatched !.

    Saria does that so well , Adjust till satisfied.

    Regardless of our way, Saria is like a blank canvas, Play around with her and those long straps till you find Many/Other ways to rock it !. I bet you will. 

    P.s, If the back is a bit too risky for you or its that time of the month but still want to wear saria ?, Check out the complimentary gift placed in your package, that solves this fashblem ; )

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